Length of articles: 6 – 8 pages

The format of the document will be: A4 paper size, Times New Roman 10, line spacing: single.

Page margins:

                      top: 5 cm

                      bottom: 5 cm

                      left / right : 4 cm

Title of the paper– should be centred, bold, italic and capitalised, Times New Roman, 12 pt. After the title insert the first footnote indicating the name and surname of the author, (only the latter in capital letters) his/ her affiliation and the contact address (TITLE1) followed by a double space (name and surname, affiliation– TNR 9)

Abstract – TNR 9, bold, italic. Content: TNR 9, italic.

Key words: TNR 9, bold, italic. The three - five key words: TNR 9, italic, followed by a double space

Referenceswill be written in the main body of the paper, in parentheses (author’s name, year of publication: page).

-          9 pt. bold italic TNR

Bibliographic references (MLA Style) will be listed in alphabetical order, in TNR 10, as in the following examples:

 - books: Vianu, Lidia. British Desperadoes at the Turn of the Millennium. Bucureşti: Liternet, 2005. Print.

- articles: Surdulescu, Radu. „Don DeLillo: voinţa de putere şi instinctul morţii în Cosmopolis1”. Observator cultural nr. 511, 4 februarie 2010.

Footnotesare to be inserted automatically, selecting from theInsert – Reference menu the option Footnotes, and consist of quotations or ampler commentaries. Numbers are inserted automatically starting from 1.



  • The papers are to be written in English.
  • Do not insert page numbers
  • Leave a line space between the article and the references.
Publishing expenses will be announced at a later date. Authors will receive three (3) issues.
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